From Powys, For the Mid & West

From Powys, For the Mid & West

Croeso a diolch am dod.

I’ve made 10 short videos to tell you some of the policies I support. You can see them on TwitterInstagram, and here. But those aren’t my only policies.

I support the Green New Deal – I’d go further and push Welsh Government to create a Green Jobs Guarantee Programme; I support job shares for Elected Members of all Parliaments; I’d end ‘The War on Drugs’ because drugs won – better to legalize, standardize, and tax (but to do that, we need The Thomas Commission enacted and Cymru to have its own legal jurisdiction); abolish private schools in Cymru; bring big name universities to Cymru via hybrid and online teaching; I support Open Selection in our party; I could say more…

But what’s most important to say is that, I’m from Montgomeryshire: I’ve worked on farms, in factories, in universities, schools, offices, cafes, shops, festivals – I’m not a manager, a lobbyist, or a career politician.

I don’t want to leave here, I want to decentralise power to places like here.

I am now a carer, a poet, and a teacher.
I want to change the Senedd and all politics with it.

So I will

Commit to 3 Mid & West Cluster meetings a year so we can keep in touch and, importantly, ensure we know the issues and plans of all our neighbours. Covid-19 has shown the way that hybrid working can really making the voices of the entire Mid & West region properly heard


Commit to meeting every constituency at least once a year


Commit to hybrid working and being in Powys for 2/3rds of the year, Senedd rules allowing; i live here, this is where I’m from, and I don’t want to leave here – this is also something that I think would keep me working on our issues as much as the issues of the Senedd Group.